Institute of Materials

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The Institute of Materials (iMATUS) of the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC) was created on December 29, 2020, based on the achievements of the Materials Strategic Group (AeMAT) during its three years of activity and the extensive experience in technology transfer to the industrial sector of the former Ceramic Institute.

iMATUS aspires to be an international benchmark research center in the materials field. The mission of the Institute is to do multidisciplinary science of excellence and have a scientific and socioeconomic impact in the areas of materials applied to health, industry, emerging technologies, the environment and energy, relying on the R&D&i ecosystem that Galicia has.

iMATUS aims to become a center of attraction for outstanding researchers in the field of materials, who can collaboratively promote the training of young researchers and the transfer of knowledge for the benefit of science, productive activity and society in general.


Materials for Health

Line 1: Biomimetic platforms for theragnostics of cardiovascular diseases and cancer

Line 2: Organs-on-chip and scaffolds for regenerative medicine

Materials for Industry and Emerging Technologies

Line 3: Photonics, and quantum and topological materials

Line 4: Advanced heterogeneous catalysts

Materials for Energy and Environment

Line 5: New nanostructured materials for the control of emerging pollutants and biological agents

Line 6: Efficient energy systems: nano-lubricants and advanced electrochemical storage devices


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