Completion of the “Bioceramics for Bone Regeneration” Course

The “Bioceramics for Bone Regeneration” course organized by iMATUS concluded with great success, providing a comprehensive review of key concepts related to the use of ceramic materials in bone regeneration and the latest advances in biomaterial evaluation techniques. This event took place on September 25th and 26th in the auditorium of the institute.

The course, organized by researcher Francisco Guitián, had the inaugural session attended by Carmen Álvarez, director of iMATUS, the Honorable Rector of USC, Antonio López, and Carmen González Sotelo, delegate of CSIC in Galicia. During this event, Antonio López signed the guestbook and highlighted the youth and experience of iMATUS, an institute founded in December 2020, arising from the former Institute of Ceramics of Galicia and AeMAT, capitalizing on its extensive expertise in materials science and knowledge transfer to the industry. Carmen González Sotelo emphasized the willingness to collaborate among all CSIC research centers in Galicia and the rest of Spain, demonstrated by the active participation of CSIC researchers in this course.

Over the course of two days, this training program delved into various research areas related to materials for health. Topics explored included the use of ceramic biomaterials in replacing hard tissues, such as implants and prostheses, 3D printing and 3D bio-printing of pathology models, nanostructured inorganic materials, glasses with bactericidal properties, in vivo testing and evaluation, as well as in vitro biological evaluation of nano and micro materials, microfluidics, and preclinical in ovo studies for the biological evaluation of bone implants.

The speaker lineup for this course consisted of a diverse group of researchers, both veterans and young scholars from USC, including Francisco Guitián, Álvaro Gil, Bárbara Blanco Fernández, Mónica Gómez, Alba Costa Santos, Osvaldo Beltrán, and Luis Díaz Gómez. Additionally, prominent CSIC researchers such as Serafín Moya, José Bartolomé, and Belén Cabal, along with Santiago Nieto Mengotti from CIS Technology and Design, joined the course.

This course emerged as an unparalleled opportunity for all those interested in materials research for health. The collaboration among renowned experts ensured an enriching learning environment and the exchange of knowledge in a constantly evolving scientific field.

Through free-access educational initiatives like this one, iMATUS proves to be an excellent research institute in the field of materials while extending the transfer of its knowledge to all sectors of society, academia, and industry.

photos: Santi Alvite