IMATUS welcomes new Start to Research Summer Scholarship students

In an exciting step towards promoting research and academic development, iMATUS has welcomed a new group of students who have been selected for the Research Start Summer Scholarships. This program, designed to encourage young talents to enter the world of scientific research, offers students a unique opportunity to collaborate with leading researchers and participate in innovative projects.

Promoting Young Talent

The welcome ceremony took place at the iMATUS facilities, where the students were welcomed by a team of professors and researchers. During the ceremony, the importance of research in advancing knowledge and solving complex problems in various areas was highlighted.

The students awarded this scholarship are:

Raquel San Emeterio, Tomás López, Uxía Gato, Alexandre Peón, María Díaz, Álvaro Vallejo, Iago López, Arturo Lorenzo, Ayman Baalla, Iria Carabelos.