iMATUS Researchers at CNMAT 2024

iMATUS researchers are participating in the XVII Edition of the National Congress of Materials (CNMAT24), which is being held at the University of Málaga campus from June 25 to 28, organized by the Spanish Society of Materials (SOCIEMAT). This congress is the most relevant forum in Spain to discuss the latest advances in the field of materials, and this edition has brought together over 400 participants.

The iMATUS delegation, led by Director Carmen Álvarez and former Commissioner Director Ángel Concheiro, presents a wide range of cutting-edge research. Among the prominent researchers are Álvaro Gil, María Teresa Flores, and María Jesús García Guimarey, as well as several postdoctoral researchers and PhD students.

iMATUS is dedicated to frontier research on new materials and their applications in key sectors such as health, environment, energy, and industrial innovation. At this congress, iMATUS representatives share their latest findings and participate in debates on material processing and manufacturing, microstructural characterization, and the properties and behavior of structural, functional, construction, biomaterials, and nanostructured materials.

During CNMAT24, iMATUS researchers demonstrate their strong commitment to responsible research and innovation, maintaining an active dialogue with society and always seeking the transfer of knowledge and technologies that can have a positive impact on various technological and productive sectors.

The congress serves as a platform for iMATUS researchers to strengthen their collaboration with other R&D centers. Participation in events of this magnitude underscores the relevance of iMATUS in the national and international scientific landscape, consolidating its position as a reference in the study and development of new materials.