iMATUS Strengthens Its Strategic Bonds with the Industrial Secto

On Thursday, December 21st, iMATUS held its ‘I iMATUS-Industry Encounter,’ an event aimed at strengthening ties with the Galician industrial sector.

iMATUS director, Carmen Álvarez, highlighted the fundamental purpose of this initiative: ‘To contribute to intensifying relations with the productive sector.’ The gathering brought together prominent representatives from the Galician industry, including Alejandro Souto from Ferroglobe Innovación, María Xosé Fernández López from Grupo Sargadelos, Enrique Espí Guzmán from REPSOL Technology Lab, Margarita Hermo from the Association of Family Business of Galicia, Marcos Lomba from Ceramic Powders, Alicia Piñeiro from Galaria, Eugenia Puentes Colorado from Grupo Zendal, Luis Rey from Fundiciones Rey, and Cecilia Trancón from Caolines de Vimianzo.

The agenda focused on exploring collaborations and knowledge transfer in science and technology of materials. In addition to the participation of industry leaders and iMATUS members, the event featured Emilio Martínez Rivas, director of the Promotion and Scientific Strategy area at USC. A final colloquium enriched the sessions, providing a space for reflections and discussions.

Director Carmen Álvarez emphasized the importance of collaboration between iMATUS and other social actors, especially companies. She highlighted that the knowledge generated by iMATUS gains full meaning in these types of partnerships, strengthening Galicia’s economic development by providing technology and collaborative R&D that drive industrial competitiveness in the region.