iMATUS predoctoral researchers, awarded for their TFM and TFG

Antía Santiago Alonso and Arturo Castro Currás, former students of the Master’s program in Physics at USC, have both received awards for their Master’s theses.

Antía Santiago has been honored by the Specialized Group on Calorimetry and Thermal Analysis (GECAT) of the Royal Spanish Society of Physics for her work titled “Experimental Characterization of Ionic Gels for Energy Storage Applications,” supervised by postdoctoral researcher Juan J. Parajó. Currently, Antía Santiago is pursuing her doctoral thesis as part of an industrial doctorate program with ABCR-Labs, under the guidance of Professor Josefa Salgado Carballo.

Arturo Castro has received the award from the ICARUS program, which recognizes the social and economic impact of the results of bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral theses. His Master’s thesis was titled “Study of the Tribological Behavior of Lubricants and Coatings Based on Nanoparticles” and was supervised by iMATUS researchers María José Pérez Comuñas and María Jesús García Guimarey. Castro currently holds the position of data analyst in the Fraud Intelligence team of the Fraud Prevention Department at ABANCA, where his expertise contributes to strengthening financial security through data intelligence.

These awards join that of Yago Radziunas Salinas, who is beginning his doctoral thesis under the guidance of Professor María Teresa Flores. He has also been honored by the ICARUS program for his Bachelor’s thesis in Physics titled “Cationic Liposomes in Cardiovascular Therapy,” supervised by iMATUS-affiliated researcher Xerardo Prieto.









In the image: Left: Antía Santiago at the presentation of her Master’s thesis. Right: ICARUS awards ceremony; Yago Radziunas and Arturo Castro, first and second from the right in the front row, respectively.