Yago Radziunas Salinas awarded at ICARUS 2023

The ICARUS program, which recognizes the social and economic application of the results of undergraduate (TFG), master’s (TFM), and doctoral theses, has received support from the Deputy Rector for Knowledge Transfer, Luis Otero.

In this inaugural edition of the program, USC’s commitment to encouraging students to transcend the boundaries of their knowledge’s academic utility and explore new possibilities is highlighted, following in the spirit of Icarus, who dared to apply his ingenuity to reach beyond what seemed possible.

Professor Otero emphasized the entrepreneurial interest of many students and underscored the importance of the growing Galician ecosystem supporting entrepreneurship. He noted that USC is home to around thirty knowledge-based companies generated within the institution, contributing to a more competitive production model.

Yago Radziunas Salinas, a predoctoral researcher at iMATUS, has been recognized for his university degree final project and application of advanced materials in cardiovascular therapy. His research on “Cationic Liposomes in Cardiovascular Therapy” represents a significant advancement in the field of materials for health.

Alongside Yago Radziunas, six other young researchers from iMATUS were finalists at ICARUS 2023, representing iMATUS as a leader in the pursuit of innovative solutions with a positive impact on society. This focus on materials research and its practical application reinforces the importance of materials science as a driving force for progress in the future.