Jorge Mira awarded the COSCE prize for the diffusion of Science 2023.

Jorge Mira, iMATUS researcher, awarded the COSCE prize for the diffusion of Science 2023.

The COSCE, with the collaboration of the Ramón Areces Foundation, has awarded the 2023 COSCE Prize for the diffusion of Science to physicist Jorge Mira Pérez, iMATUS researcher and professor of electromagnetism at USC. Jorge Mira succeeds other great researchers such as Lluís Montoliu, Ignacio López Goñi, Juan Luis Arsuaga, Gabriel Pinto Cañó, Carmen Simón Mateo, Francisco José Ayala, Amador Menéndez Asturias, etc.

Jorge Mira Pérez (Baio, A Coruña) has covered in his research career areas of knowledge ranging from materials science and mathematical physics to the study of social systems. Some of his work has been carried out in collaboration with John B Goodenough, 2019 Nobel Prize in Chemistry. In 2018 he was appointed member of the Spanish Government’s commission of experts for the reform of the official time. Among his awards, the Royal Spanish Physics Society Award – BBVA Foundation (2012) and the Galician Research Medal in 2022 stand out.

For the first time a physicist receives the COSCE Prize for the dissemination of Science in its 16-year history. The jury has highlighted his ability to reach a general public and broad audiences by disseminating different disciplines, and his work as director of the ConCiencia program in which more than 40 Nobel Prize winners or their equivalent in mathematics and science have participated. computing.

In this edition of the COSCE Award, the jury was made up of the president of COSCE Perla Wahnón Benarroch, the paleoanthropologist Juan Luis Arsuaga and the advisor on Innovation and Sustainability, expert in energy trends María Luisa Castaño Marín.

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