iMATUS organizes a cycle of Tractor Seminars.

On April 13, iMATUS will start a cycle of tractor seminars promoted by the research and dissemination units. The seminars seek to promote collaboration in research, transfer and training of researchers to make the most of knowledge and scientific-technological resources. You can find the seminar schedule  here.

iMATUS researchers have contributed to the Materials 2030 Roadmap, now available in AMI2030 webpage.

The document, Materials 2030 RoadMap, in addition to addressing a series of technological needs in 9 innovation markets “Innovation Markets”, proposes a schedule for the establishment of a governance system called “Materials 2030 initiative” that provides a common collaboration framework for all stakeholders in the European ecosystem of materials, through which a new European Strategic […]

iMATUS researchers, Jorge Mira and Xabier Prado, and researchers from the University of Almeria, recreate a theoretical method in which they explain the flow of energy in the cables that carry it

Researchers from the USC and the University of Almería develop a pioneering theoretical method that allows explaining in 2D the way in which electricity flows in the transmission lines and electrical distribution of many cables, with the aim of improving the study of loss energy, as well as its vulnerability to interruptions and failures. More […]

An interdisciplinary team, led by iMATUS researcher José Rivas, will develop innovative technology to combat solid tumors using nanostructured capsules carrying CAR-T cells

The project will develop a highly interdisciplinary consortium integrated by the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC), as coordinating entity. Professor José Rivas will lead a research team from the USC Materials Institute (iMATUS) with Jorge Mira, Yolanda Piñeiro, Carmen Álvarez-Lorenzo and Ángel Concheiro; the Salamanca Cancer Research Center (a joint CSIC and University of […]

Nobel Prize winner M. Stanley Whittingham will visit iMATUS on November 16

Nobel Prize winner M. Stanley Whittingham will visit iMATUS on November 16 at around 10:30 in the morning. Prof. Wittingham will travel to Santiago de Compostela to participate in various events within the framework of the Conciencia program, coordinated by our colleague Jorge Mira. All iMATUS members are invited to the event, which will […]

iMATUS is an official partner of the Advanced Materials 2030 Initiative

Advanced Materials 2030 Initiative is a European initiative to outline what the materials of the coming decades should be and how to create the necessary ecosystem to design, prepare, use and recycle them within the framework of the ecological and digital transition of an increasingly sustainable society. The “Materials 2030 Manifesto” is considered the roadmap […]

Researchers from iMATUS and CIQUS will create silicon anodes for batteries using 3D printing.

Researchers Pablo Taboada, Silvia Barbosa, Gerardo Prieto and Adriana Cambón (iMATUS), and Pablo del Pino, Beatriz Pelaz and Ester Polo (CIQUS) will create silicon anodes for batteries by 3D printing within the project “Silicon-Based MOF-Derived Nanomaterials for Additive Manufacturing by 3D Printing of the Next Generation of Lithium-Ion Battery Anodes (MOFSiAN)”, belonging to the call […]