iMATUS welcomes the Association of Artisans and Merchants “Ourives de Compostela”

iMATUS welcomes the Association of Artisans and Merchants “Ourives de Compostela” to open avenues of collaboration in a strategic sector of Galician crafts. At the meeting, which took place on June 11, members of “Ourives de Compostela” were able to learn about the technological capabilities and visit the pilot plant and other iMATUS facilities. https://ourivesdecompostela.gal

Artificial Intelligence and antibiotic discovery

University of Pennsylvania professor César de la Fuente gave a lecture this Thursday, May 23, on “Artificial Intelligence and the discovery of antibiotics.” He is a professor at the University of Pennsylvania (United States) where he leads the Machine Biology Group, whose main objective is to develop new antibiotics using computers. He has a degree […]

Marie Curie fellowships

We inform you that the application period for Marie Curie scholarships is open until September 11, 2024. If you are a postdoctoral researcher, this is a magnificent opportunity to join iMATUS in the search for research excellence. More info in this link.  

José Rivas Rey will open the new academic year of the RAGC

José Rivas Rey, researcher at iMATUS, will open the new academic year of the RAGC. The opening will take place today, January 31st at 7:00 PM at the Pazo de San Roque. The conference will be focused on the field of nanotechnology with the title ‘Nanotechnology: a world beyond microscopic limits.’ José Rivas holds a […]

iMATUS Strengthens Its Strategic Bonds with the Industrial Secto

On Thursday, December 21st, iMATUS held its ‘I iMATUS-Industry Encounter,’ an event aimed at strengthening ties with the Galician industrial sector. iMATUS director, Carmen Álvarez, highlighted the fundamental purpose of this initiative: ‘To contribute to intensifying relations with the productive sector.’ The gathering brought together prominent representatives from the Galician industry, including Alejandro Souto from […]

Recruiting young postdocs through the Juan de la Cierva Program

Aimed at doctors who have defended their Thesis in 2022 or 2023 and who want to have a first contract in a research center in Spain. If the Thesis was carried out in Spain, you must apply for a center different to the one of the PhD enrollment. Any doctor who has completed her/his Doctoral […]

Francisco Guitián, awarded at the Santa Bárbara Awards 2023

The Santa Bárbara Awards 2023 granted by the Official Mining Chamber of Galicia were presented on December 1st in Mondariz. Francisco Guitián Rivera, Coordinator of the Technological Unit and Transfer to the Productive Sector at iMATUS, was honored with the “Career Award” for his lifetime dedication to mining through his research and his essential contribution […]

Trinidad Méndez Morales, Bárbara Blanco Fernández, and Ana Gómez Varela, postdoctoral researchers at iMATUS, selected for prestigious Ramón y Cajal contracts

The USC Materials Institute (iMATUS) has secured three new Ramón y Cajal contracts. The outstanding careers of Trinidad and Bárbara have been reflected in respective contracts in the field of Materials Science and Technologies, while Ana has obtained hers in the area of Physical Sciences. The Ramón y Cajal program aims to promote the incorporation […]

The EU approves the “Critical Raw Materials Act”

The ‘Critical Raw Materials Act’ sets goals to reduce the European Union’s dependence on external suppliers, especially from China, in crucial materials for technology and the transition towards more sustainable practices. The European Parliament and Council approved on November 13th a law aimed at ensuring the supply of key materials, such as lithium, germanium, copper, […]