Three iMATUS researchers receive grants from the Xunta de Galicia to complete their postdoctoral training

Out of the 8 researchers from USC selected in the latest call for grants to complete their postdoctoral training, funded by the Xunta de Galicia, three of them are affiliated with the USC Institute of Materials. They are Alberto Pardo Montero, María Jesús García Guimarey, and Juan José Parajó Vieito.

These three researchers, who began their postdoctoral training in 2019, will continue for two more years affiliated with iMATUS, conducting their research tasks in their laboratories at the Faculty of Physics, in the thematic areas of Health Sciences (APM), Engineering and Architecture (MJGG), and Sciences (JJPV).

The research they carry out is focused on the field of materials for health and for energy and the environment. Specifically, Alberto Pardo works on the 3D bioprinting of polymer-based hydrogels, modified with magneto-electric nanoparticles, and their subsequent application in the field of anisotropic piezoelectric tissue engineering, such as tendons or skeletal muscles.

On the other hand, María J.G. Guimarey works on the formulation of synthetic or vegetable-based nanolubricants and/or low environmental impact nanoaditives, for their application in industrial gears, and Juan J. Parajó develops new quasi-solid electrolytes, formed by ionic liquids and water-in-salt nanoencapsulated in polymeric matrices (ionogels), and studies their interaction with new silicon-based electrodes, to design sustainable and intelligent energy storage devices.

In the image: From left to right, Juan J. Parajó, María Jesús G. Guimarey, and Alberto Pardo.